L. N. Schofield

“The simple theme of my life is to leave the world better than I found it.”

L. N. Schofield was born in Wyoming, raised in New Mexico and California, and lives in North Carolina. As a child, he was immersed in the story-telling culture of the Southwest by the songs, stories and adventures of his family of pioneers, cowboys, and craftsmen. Additional influences came from the surrounding culture of Spanish, Navajo, Mexican, and Black peoples he encountered. Their stories and all the others he has since discovered has created a deep appreciation for the way story shapes people’s self-understanding and its power to reform those understandings. As a writer, he follows in the steps of his pioneer grandmother and legendary great-grandfather in the Old West. He is completing Hominy Creek – a tale of hope, loss, and reconciliation in the American Revolution during the critical battles in the backcountry and mountains of Western North Carolina. He is a member of the North Carolina Writer’s Network and the North Carolina Poetry Society.

The notes of authenticity in his writing spring from working alongside migrant workers, cowboys, loggers, dairymen, farmers, airplane builders, artists, writers, scholars, teachers, carpenters, craftsmen, mechanics, breadmen, grocers, First Nation people and a little old lady he helped across the street when he was a Boy Scout!


He writes short stories, poetry, and book reviews as well as providing classical language translation services. His work in academics gave him the skills for researching the background of his historical novel. He is concentrating on moving toward publishing his work in the near future.


He teaches woodcraft (an outgrowth of the stagecraft classes he conduct and his long years as a craftsman/artist). His experiences have enabled him to teach modern techniques as well as the older hand-crafted methods. He also teaches traditional crafts as practiced in the Southern Appalachians.

Set Designer

He currently works as a set designer in a local theater program . For the past several years, he has worked under the direction of his daughter in a theater arts program she established. Together they have produced many plays and are recognized for their excellent production values.


His’ work with young actors has given him extensive experience in developing their creative abilities to perform at peak levels. This has translated into helping other writers with developmental editing. At this time, he and his daughter (MFA English, teacher for years) are laying the groundwork to offer a full range of editing services